Jan T. Gregor worked in the Northwest entertainment business for many years, including stints as a theater crew chief, stagehand, pyrotechnician, songwriter, bandleader, follow-spot operator, billposter, sound and lighting tech, caterer, entertainment booker, studio producer, road and tour manager.

Gregor tour-managed and was the sole crewmember or the original Jim Rose Circus Sideshow for two years of non-stop touring, before turning to writing Circus of the Scars. He continued working with sideshow till the new millenium.

Check out the 1980s Pacific Northwest post-punk indie rock bands Gregor played in:
Sweet Madness

Variant Cause

Ashleigh Talbot was the original artist for the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow, and her logo design and T-shirts were seen and sold around the world. She hand-drew the sexy dark noir illustrations that fill the pages of
Circus of the Scars, and her unique creep-appeal style brings the book to life.

Ashleigh has created a line of posters--Fortune Teller, Devil, Lady Luck, Skeletons and more--that are sold by Brennan Dalsgard Publishers. For other goodies like Framed Exhibits and Coffins, please visit her website at Madame Talbot's.